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Indie High Radio LLC.

“Come get Indie High with us!”

TayDigga & Donna LJ, Co-Founders of Indie High Radio LLC

Andria Lindsey aka TayDigga and Donna Jackson aka Donna LJ are conspiring to bring the world a new online radio station this summer in 2016.  This will be a new type of station which will focus on promoting independent artists and entrepreneurs.  The Indie High nomenclature was conceived out of the theme of the station being designed to help uplift (High) independent (Indie) entrepreneurs and artists.  Indie High Radio LLC reminds us that when we hustle and grind to make our dreams come true, seeing the fruits of our labor is the ultimate high that they are there to help us achieve.  With its official launch literally days away, we wanted to give you a chance to meet the two visionaries responsible for founding this station…

Introducing Andria Lindsey aka TayDigga

Born a Coast Guard ‘military brat’ 29 years ago in Aiken, SC, Andria’s family sojourned the east coast.  Her father was a Lieutenant in the Coast Guard, so they migrated frequently.  Always a fan of music, Andria set out on a path for a career as a radio personality.  She got her start at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL where she obtained her BA in Communications.  Andria cohosted a morning show for the university called ‘Morning Joy’.  It was in this capacity that she met future co-founder Donna Jackson.  After graduating, Andria interned at and later worked as an On-Air Personality on weekend shows at Hot 103.5 FM in Huntsville, AL.  It’s there that she got the name ‘TayDigga’ from DJ Fresh, who directed the station at that time.  Eventually the radio station closed down with the advent of online radio and music streaming services and Andria moved to Atlanta with her boyfriend and had a beautiful baby girl.        

Andria met her future co-founder Donna Jackson at Oakwood University while on her way to class and they instantly clicked.  Andria resonated with Donna’s positive vibe and they began a friendship that would set the foundation for their creation of Indie High Radio.  They cohosted the university’s radio show ‘Morning Joy’ together and had a natural chemistry and were regarded highly enough that they were granted another season as cohosts of the show.  Andria and Donna began working together outside of the show and began cohosting parties.  After successfully planning a fashion show production and endeavoring to create an entertainment business, vis-à-vis ‘2Much2Soon Ent’, they gained the perspective necessary to build Indie High Radio.



Introducing Donna Jackson aka Donna LJ

She was born 30 years ago in Dallas, TX at what was then called Saint Paul Hospital, Donna began life in a very religious home.  She attended Christian private schooling her entire childhood.  At age 9 she would move to Atlanta with her family.  Donna Jackson formulated her identity at age 13, when she began a love affair with radio.  She loved to listen to the ‘Quiet Storm’ on V103 FM with Joyce Littel, who played the so-called ‘smooth R&B classics’ and ‘slow jams’ of the era.  Donna recalls nights when she surreptitiously contacted her childhood friend Empress Selassie on the phone and sang along with the radio show.  They’d also catch the 2am – 6am show hosted by Malikha Mallette at the time and frequently called in requests for their favorite tunes.  It was at that time that Donna realized her desire to be a radio personality herself. 

To prepare herself for her future stardom, Donna would record herself on a tape recorder and emulate the radio hosts she loved; pretending to have her own show.  In high school she put out a mix-tape and advised everyone to regard her as ‘Donna L. J. from across the way’.  Even now people who know her from high school still utilize this pseudonym. 

Donna has always been known for encouraging others and comforts friends who are going through difficult times.  No stranger to tribulation, she finds joy in assisting people.  Subsequently, friends have expressed how Donna’s words of encouragement have helped carry them through troubled times.  As a teenager, Donna went through some religious turbulence in relation to several familial casualties; losing her grandfather in 2001 and losing her grandmother and great-grandmother three years later within the same week.  Donna greatly values family and had a hard time coping with this perdition and consequentially internalized her emotions.  She stayed grounded via her religious beliefs and learned to deal with the loss.  Donna states her motto is, “With God all things are possible!”

Donna is determined to use her success with Indie High to combat hunger amongst the homeless.  Homelessness is another epidemic that she is very passionate about confronting. 

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