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  • Andria Nate' (TayDigga)

Don't you Dare give in!!

Oh the joys of starting a new venture such as a business. You're overjoyed with ideas, your ambition is on an all time high, & you literally feel like you can fly. Then all of a sudden here comes the stress, the major roadblocks , your creative juices seem to stop flowing, & then come the many setbacks you can't even keep count. You begin to question yourself as if what's the point of even trying anymore ? These are the moments people tend to leave out of the entrepreneurial journey & skip to all the glitz and glam after they've gone through the trenches. I'm here to tell you to hold on ....don't give up because these minor setbacks make for major comebacks creating the moments that make you who you are. You will appreciate ALL the successes that come after you make it out of what seems like the end. Now this blog is not to scare anyone who is wanting to start their own business, but rather Encourage you to never give up no matter how hard, no matter the circumstances, no matter how you feel. God didn't bless you with this vision/talent to give up this easily.

How do you get out of this funk you say?! From my own experience I say isolate yourself and get back to the why?! Why did you start? What initially triggered your excitement for starting this business? When I was feeling this way I had to get out of my normal routine & get inspired again by changing my scenery. Easier said than done but you have to push yourself & tap into the amazing talented individual you are. Once you step into the genius box as Amanda Seales refers to it

on her podcast Small Doses, you'll tap into a side of you that you didn't even know was there. A potential that will take you to the next level & you can do it!

Believe. In. Yourself. Word to 2 Chainz



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